Carbon is the mind-killer

I couldn’t help myself but start with this paraphrase. I’ll try to prove a point that just like fear, carbon has stolen the spotlight leaving many other important aspects in the dark. And as of “Dune”, ecology is one of its main themes in what I consider to be its true holistic meaning, so very much in line with the popular ESG topics.

More performance from virtualization?

I would be highly interested in opinions in the below idea. Big thanks to everyone who already shared their feedback with me on it. I’ve decided to write about the idea here in more detail to collect more feedback and hopefully learn more about the details of spreading workload across virtual nodes. Back in 2005, […]

I have joined

But what is Plutus? Aside from being the Greek god of wealth, it is a fresh approach to crypto-fiat gateways and building financial services on top of that. And much more – as per the whitepaper: The Plutus Mobile Application enables a user to make contactless Bitcoin payments at any merchant with a Near Field […]

Gentoo, VPC, Docker and an Ethereum Go node

Blockchain, unlike “cloud computing” is more than a buzz word as it proves to be superior for integral and consistent systems of record in many aspects, such as IT infrastructure footprint and cryptographic security of the data at rest. While there are many projects out there aiming to deliver technology solutions based on blockchain concepts, […]

Next-gen infrastructure part 2

Around the end of 2016 I wrote a longer article about the state of the IT infrastructure, trying to single out a trend I was observing. I was clearly inspired by Stanislaw Lem’s books as well as my own deep-dive sessions into technology. My conclusions back then were a vision of container or unikernel approach […]

Gmail with own domain

Gmail seems to be everyone’s favorite web frontend for email. Until recently, it has also had the option to allow sending from custom domains, so the recipient would see “from:” for example instead of the not-so-professional These days however Google is promoting their G-suite set of products, which make this modification a bit […]

Artificial Intelligence and Creativity

First, a brief off-topic introduction. A quick search returns the following definition for creativity: “the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness”. Not surprisingly, the definition refers to two other words which are similarly awkward if you’re thinking like a machine… Still, we know the process exists, everyone can name creative persons […]

Talent Management

I had the privilege to write another piece for the IT WIZ magazine, this time on Talent Management. Wide subject and as always, a struggle to write something new. Something that’d be interesting for everyone. So the idea came up to write “with a twist”. The Polish version can be found here.