Gentoo, VPC, Docker and an Ethereum Go node

Blockchain, unlike “cloud computing” is more than a buzz word as it proves to be superior for integral and consistent systems of record in many aspects, such as IT infrastructure footprint and cryptographic security of the data at rest. While there are many projects out there aiming to deliver technology solutions based on blockchain concepts, […]

Next-gen infrastructure part 2

Around the end of 2016 I wrote a longer article about the state of the IT infrastructure, trying to single out a trend I was observing. I was clearly inspired by Stanislaw Lem’s books as well as my own deep-dive sessions into technology. My conclusions back then were a vision of container or unikernel approach […]

Gmail with own domain

Gmail seems to be everyone’s favorite web frontend for email. Until recently, it has also had the option to allow sending from custom domains, so the recipient would see “from:” for example instead of the not-so-professional These days however Google is promoting their G-suite set of products, which make this modification a bit […]

Artificial Intelligence and Creativity

First, a brief off-topic introduction. A quick search returns the following definition for creativity: “the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness”. Not surprisingly, the definition refers to two other words which are similarly awkward if you’re thinking like a machine… Still, we know the process exists, everyone can name creative persons […]

Talent Management

I had the privilege to write another piece for the IT WIZ magazine, this time on Talent Management. Wide subject and as always, a struggle to write something new. Something that’d be interesting for everyone. So the idea came up to write “with a twist”. The Polish version can be found here.

Technology innovation and digital transformation

I had the pleasure to participate in a panel on the challenges of technology innovation and digital transformation of enterprises with great professionals from major global companies. The debate was hosted by the IT Wiz magazine and the transcript [Polish] is available here.


It’s been a while, so here’s something more social and less technical again. And I get to join the lodge writing about Linus Torvalds! Let me first write this: any dispute on style or approach to problem solving must be second priority if your main product – Linux – remains one of the most stable […]

Improving the VoIP foreign number solution

It has been a while and I’ve noticed a few issues in my solution (more info here) allowing “assigning” a foreign number to your smart phone. Since solving them was a nice little achievement, I’ll share the description here. It was quite an investigation, too! The first problem was that the connection keeps timing out […]

Improving the efficiency of technical teams

Happy New Year to all the regular readers! Recently, I had a very interesting chat with a fellow IT leader; we discussed the efficiency of tier 1 technical support and how we usually try to achieve the optimal 80% efficiency mark (80% of the cases to be solved within self-service or the first help desk […]