Technology innovation and digital transformation

I had the pleasure to participate in a panel on the challenges of technology innovation and digital transformation of enterprises with great professionals from major global companies. The debate was hosted by the IT Wiz magazine and the transcript [Polish] is available here.


It’s been a while, so here’s something more social and less technical again. And I get to join the lodge writing about Linus Torvalds! Let me first write this: any dispute on style or approach to problem solving must be second priority if your main product – Linux – remains one of the most stable […]

Improving the VoIP foreign number solution

It has been a while and I’ve noticed a few issues in my solution (more info here) allowing “assigning” a foreign number to your smart phone. Since solving them was a nice little achievement, I’ll share the description here. It was quite an investigation, too! The first problem was that the connection keeps timing out […]

Improving the efficiency of technical teams

Happy New Year to all the regular readers! Recently, I had a very interesting chat with a fellow IT leader; we discussed the efficiency of tier 1 technical support and how we usually try to achieve the optimal 80% efficiency mark (80% of the cases to be solved within self-service or the first help desk […]

Enter the commoditized IT, pushing the boundaries

Commoditization of services might sound like a new trend. After all, all those Ubers and Airbnbs seem like fresh ideas, appearing just recently. We still call them “market disruptors”, right? But probably only those working with IT every day realize that the same trend, with aim for the smallest item performing an unique function, has […]

3 questions to…

Here’s something much easier to read hopefully, compared to the previous, quite technical posts. MoneyGram International runs a “3 questions to…” series in the corporate newsletter with the aim to bring the team closer and shed some light on the profiles of senior leadership in the company. My turn to answer 3 questions came last […]

Could SHA-1 and Dirty COW have something in common?

SHA, or Secure Hash Algorithm is a hash function initially announced in 1995 by the United States’ NSA. It become widely popular with appliances for password hashes, certificates and a variety of software. The implementation made it to SSL (and later TLS) collections, SSH, PGP and many more. From the very moment of publication, SHA-1 […]

VoIP idea: foreign number to your mobile

I realized I haven’t written anything about VoIP yet in this blog. It is a very interesting subject and a great way to deliver your employer decent “buck for bang” once you get to know how it works. In this post I will explain how to configure a public DDI (direct dial in) number to […]

Device-as-a-Service from HP

Hewlett Packard have announced a new type of service called DaaS, or Device-as-a-Service, based on which for a fixed regular fee, enterprises could use PCs and printers. Makes sense to me, but what part of this service is actually new? Allowing others to use property is known for centuries under different names: renting, leasing, etc. […]

Is there a future for 3D printing?

I want to dedicate this post to innovation in technology and entrepreneurship. The question in the title is probably a silly one because a recent event taught me that 3D printing is actually already a 30~ year old idea. In the recent years however it managed to break into the mainstream, probably thanks commoditization and […]