3 questions to…

Here’s something much easier to read hopefully, compared to the previous, quite technical posts. MoneyGram International runs a “3 questions to…” series in the corporate newsletter with the aim to bring the team closer and shed some light on the profiles of senior leadership in the company. My turn to answer 3 questions came last […]

Could SHA-1 and Dirty COW have something in common?

SHA, or Secure Hash Algorithm is a hash function initially announced in 1995 by the United States’ NSA. It become widely popular with appliances for password hashes, certificates and a variety of software. The implementation made it to SSL (and later TLS) collections, SSH, PGP and many more. From the very moment of publication, SHA-1 […]

VoIP idea: foreign number to your mobile

I realized I haven’t written anything about VoIP yet in this blog. It is a very interesting subject and a great way to deliver your employer decent “buck for bang” once you get to know how it works. In this post I will explain how to configure a public DDI (direct dial in) number to […]

Device-as-a-Service from HP

Hewlett Packard have announced a new type of service called DaaS, or Device-as-a-Service, based on which for a fixed regular fee, enterprises could use PCs and printers. Makes sense to me, but what part of this service is actually new? Allowing others to use property is known for centuries under different names: renting, leasing, etc. […]

Is there a future for 3D printing?

I want to dedicate this post to innovation in technology and entrepreneurship. The question in the title is probably a silly one because a recent event taught me that 3D printing is actually already a 30~ year old idea. In the recent years however it managed to break into the mainstream, probably thanks commoditization and […]

A glance at modern Information Security

Who hasn’t wondered if they have chosen the right career path? During some self analysis recently, one of the areas I keep considering for myself is the Information Security path. Especially the position of CISO – after all I have a fair share of security engineering (not commercial) experience and some sense for organizing things. […]

Shell shock – impact analysis

The article below is my publication for the Polish IT magazine IT Wiz. Cisza po burzy? Wraz z nieustającym rozwojem oprogramowania, rozwija się również jego bezpieczeństwo. Luki o charakterze krytycznym nie pojawiają się już tak często, jak miało to miejsce chociażby dekadę temu. Idąc tym tokiem, dzisiaj administratorzy systemów mogli poniekąd oczekiwać spokojnego zakończenia bieżącego […]