A glance at modern Information Security

Who hasn’t wondered if they have chosen the right career path? During some self analysis recently, one of the areas I keep considering for myself is the Information Security path. Especially the position of CISO – after all I have a fair share of security engineering (not commercial) experience and some sense for organizing things. […]

Shell shock – impact analysis

The article below is my publication for the Polish IT magazine IT Wiz. Cisza po burzy? Wraz z nieustającym rozwojem oprogramowania, rozwija się również jego bezpieczeństwo. Luki o charakterze krytycznym nie pojawiają się już tak często, jak miało to miejsce chociażby dekadę temu. Idąc tym tokiem, dzisiaj administratorzy systemów mogli poniekąd oczekiwać spokojnego zakończenia bieżącego […]

Linux & ALSA on integrated sound card

I am moving various publications and how-to documents to this blog and found this one. In fact, many of these steps are still valid when troubleshooting issues, however the state of ALSA in kernel 4.4 is much better and in vast majority of cases, sound should work on new laptops right away. To setup ALSA […]

POSIX threads, C implementation in Linux

In an effort to move my work to a single place, I’m going to link my translations from English to Polish performed for the Gentoo distribution. The author of the original text is Daniel Robbins. I find these documents well written and helpful when learning thread management not only if you want to use them […]